We are an Independent Music Collection Agency with the ability to offer copublishing/ sub‐publishing services and administer music publishing for authors/composers affiliated with ASCAP or BMI. Our values stand firmly in support of all legislative action, changes, social and networking activities in the Independent market lead by The National Music Publisher Association (NMPA), The American Association of Independent Music (A2IM), The American Federation of Musicians (AFM) & The Association of Independent Publishers (AIMP). To ensure the highest level of transparency and full representation of our catalog we are members of highly respected organizations such as Sound Exchange, CMRRA direct, Connect (Canada), PPL (UK), Merlin and Getty Images (GI) among others around the world. We also offer services for producers, musicians and independent artists that want to stay in control of all rights and get the highest level of administration and royalty collection worldwide.


Live Concerts Royalty Claims

With our publishing administration we can claim live concert royalties performed in and out of the United States, we can work with your booking or manager to obtain all tour dates and performance details.

Licensing /Sync & Commercial Use

With our publishing administration services our drive is getting the opportunities with direct contact with music supervisors and key personnel for such placements.

Recording Credits/Research Investigations

We manage and update all of your recording credits to ensure royalty payment is made accurately that includes Producers, Mixers, Engineers, Vocals, Musicans and special guests.

Royalty Claims for Musicians and Artists

We work independently claiming and collecting on your behalf rights that belongs to you. Intellectual Property laws changes according to the societies and countries of which the claim can be made, it requires very detailed catalog information of your works and metadata, fast responses and constant complex follow-ups.

Independent Music Publishing

Our Publishing Administration allows us to claim all of your composition rights performances worldwide including digital streams. Publishing allows more control of rights and authorizations for the use of your works, licensing and other services that allows multiple royalty income sources

Mechanical Royalty

In this area we dedicate 100% due to the complexity of these claims and are only authorized by major labels and represented labels with credentials. We collect all of digital royalty worldwide and provide a direct payment to the composer that we administer and represent.

Youtube Royalty Claims

For all YouTube claims requires our publishing administration to allow us to claim on your behalf on the YouTube platform, it would give us authorization to claim on all YouTube channels that contains your composition and provide a direct payment.

Reports, Contracts & Agreements

TWe can help understand any agreements or contracts translate and provide an overview of such agreement. Our detailed reporting provide a full understanding of our workflow, each case has to be individually evaluated before reporting any information.

Soundtrack your Brand

Soundtrack Your Brand is a Spotify joint venture and the exclusive provider of Spotify Business and Spotify Enterprise helping businesses grow their digital media presence through the use of music. Soundtrack your brand has launched in 50+ countries, including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Latin America (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Uruguay) with a catalog of 40 million licensed songs, which makes us the largest music provider for businesses..


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